Brian Mihok: Cover design for Informal Invitation to a Traveler: Letters between J.R. & Miss KimThe Body is a Little Gilded Cage: A Story in Letters & Fragments, To find a new beauty, This Is Not About Birds, Sympathy from the Devil, Reluctant Mistress, Some Churches, Wilderness Champion & You Are Indeed an Elk, But This is Not the Forest You Were Born To Graze.

Justin Runge: Cover design for Punchline & Let There Be Light.

Jordan Young: Cover design for When the Wolves Quit: A Play-in-Verse & The Diegesis.

Kristen Chaput: Cover design for X Marks the Dress: A Registry & Holy Island.

Anthea Krook: Cover design for In the Kettle, the Shriek.

Jana Vukovic: Cover design for Hibernaculum & New to the Lost Coast.

April Yim: Cover design for Shoo-Ins to Ruin.
Art from various sources.